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We turn swimming pools into a safe place by minimising the levels of chlorine in the water. We offer public pools an alternative to protect your health, while contributing to the environment. We ensure that children can learn how to swim in the best possible conditions.
We are the future of swimming pools.

Stef Desmet

Commercial Director

Master in physical education, sports management and swimming sciences and also level A swimming coach. Started his professional career as a researcher at the KU Leuven and worked for 10 years in sales and marketing in the pharmaceutical sector. After 18 years as a pool manager, he co-founded Novinato in 2019.

Jan Van den Bulcke

Technical Director

Worked for 30 years as a consultant for various companies and consultancy firms in the chemical industry with specialization in industrial water treatment, water purification and swimming pool technology. Developed the new disinfection system in 2010 and co-founded NoviNato in 2019.

Antonie Damad

Product Developer & quality control

Specialized in automation and electrical engineering. He joined the NoviNato management team in 2020 to develop the universal plug and play model.

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