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We turn swimming pools into a safer place by minimising the levels of chlorine in the water.

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We developed a safe solution that minimizes chlorine levels in swimming pools, is easy to install and does not involve major costs. Curious yet?


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These pools already provide healthy swimming

Pilot project Dilbeek/Brussels

With 275,000 visitors per year, this 25m-pool with a recreational pool is one of the busiest in Flanders. During school hours, the occupancy averages 150 children per hour and in the weekend the occupancy rises to 1000 visitors per day of which more than half occupy the recreational pool and paddling pool. This pool therefore met the requirement of the Flemisch Health Agency to test the low chlorine system. More info on ‘Research on the application of the Oxy-3 system in a public reference swimming pool with a 25m sports pool (650m³), a recreational pool (120m³) and a paddling pool (20m³).’