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How does the new disinfection system work?

In a nutshell, it is combining an ECD® Electro Chemical Disinfection system, UV and copper ionisation. More info on ECD®

Is the new disinfection system expensive?

No, we can manufacture this system at a price which is the same as a traditional chlorine installation. So no need to spend your money on a high chlorine system! 

Why is a swimming pool not completely chlorine-free?

For your safety, in the context of public pools, you always need a basic disinfection capacity with chlorine. Just imagine what happens when 50 children jump into the water at once. Chlorine is a strong disinfectant and is also used for the safety of drinking water. So, the question is not whether chlorine is needed but how much chlorine is needed.

Can the new disinfection system also be used in private pools?

NoviNato has a ‘Compact version’ for 50-100m³ pools. This is the market of the large private pools, pools at hotels, wellness centers, resorts, therapy pools and small private swimming schools.

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