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ECD® is the only system authorised by the Health Agency to replace chlorine.

“Healthy swimming in a low-chlorine ECD®-pool”

Approved by the Health Agency

After 10 years of long term pilot projects, the Belgian-Flemish Agency for Care and Health granted permission to use the system in all public swimming pools in 2019. It is the only system that is authorised by the government for low-chlorine swimming.

Your guarantee of safety

Do you want to swim in a healthy low-chlorine ECD®-pool?

Then we have good news! The ECD®-technology is incorporated in the commercial ‘OXY-3 disinfection system’ for public pools and is now also available for smaller pools with the ‘OXY-3-COMPACT’.

This compact version is suitable for pools in hotels, wellness centres, health & fitness clubs and for private pools, both indoors and outdoors.

Eager to switch to low-chlorine swimming?

ECD®-disinfection, the new standard.

80% of the disinfection that normally takes place via chlorine can be replaced by electrical disinfection (ECD®). Only a small amount of chlorine is still needed to collect pollution from swimmers and pollution from the air in outdoor pools. This allows you to swim safely at low chlorine levels.

Want to know more about ECD®-electrical disinfection?

No chemicals

The OXY-3-COMPACT is “full electric” and does not use chemicals or gas. The installation is therefore 100% ecological.

So you have the assurance of a safe, ecological installation and pure water.


The unit is constructed using the same high-quality materials as the industrial unit for public swimming pools.

The stainless steel casing guarantees 24/7 use for life and is fully recycable.

So you can be sure of perfect operation and longevity.

Plug & play

A simple plug-and-play connection makes it possible to connect the OXY-3-COMPACT to any existing installation.

So you can quickly upgrade to low chlorine ECD®-swimming for a low cost.

Would you like to upgrade to low-chlorine ECD®-swimming?

Technical info

The 3-in-1 plug&play solution


In this cell, germs are destroyed by electrocution.


Removes chlorine bound with germs and dirt, and removes algae in outdoor pools.


Enhances the action of chlorine and limits algae growth in outdoor pools.

Plug & play: can be easily connected to any existing installation

Easy connection

The plug & play device can be easily installed on the existing pipe after the filter. Only a small amount of chlorine needs to be administered afterwards to absorb contamination from swimmers and the environment.

The device works “full-electric” and does not require the administration of chemicals.

ECD® has been tested in long term projects in public and commercial pools and is the only system that has been approved by the Health Agency as a safe alternative for chlorine.

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