Meet the Novinato OXY-3 systems

Tested under supervision of the Health Agency in long-term projects in different types of public and commercial pools: 25m, instruction pools, recreation pools, paddling pools.
The only system approved to replace up to 80% of chlorine in public pools though the ECD®-technology.

More info on ECD®-Electro Chemical Disinfection

The 3 units of the electro disinfection system

Electro unit

By introducing a controlled amount of current into the water, all germs are destroyed.

UV unit

UV rays have a disinfecting effect on various germs including Cryptosporidium*. They also destroy much of the combined chlorine. Combined chlorine in the water and air is the cause of skin, eye and respiratory tract irritations. It also initiates the possible development of asthma.

Copper unit

When copper is added correctly, it weakens bacteria and viruses. All viruses are very sensitive to copper which immobilises their protein tentacles. Cryptosporidium* is also inactivated by copper.

*Cryptosporidium: this microscopic parasite causes severe intestinal problems and is widely distributed in a number of countries. While chlorine is not effective against Cryptosporidium, electro-oxidation, UV and copper are.

LxWxH: 640 x 850 x 1955 (mm)

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The 3 electro disinfection methods

ECD® – Electro-Chemical Disinfection

In the electro unit, a powerful electric field is generated that destroys germs via electrocution. At the same time, the water molecule (H2O) is split via hydrolysis into Reactive Oxygen Species, better known as free radicals. Its disinfection capacity is twice that of chlorine and 50% higher than that of ozone (O3). The electro-oxidation process immediately inactivates (in milliseconds) all bacteria and viruses and breaks down organic and inorganic material, without the production of harmful by-products (DPDs). .

UV disinfection and chloramine reduction

A medium pressure UV lamp is incorporated in the module. It works in a broad spectrum and is efficient in the breakdown of mono-, di- and trichloramines. The breakdown of combined chlorine is therefore very efficient.

The use of the UV can be programmed in function of the goals:

  • the upper limit of combined chlorine needed for the legislation
  • the type of pool: baby swimming pools which need very low DPD’s, training pools for elite swimmers with low DPD’s or basic public pools.
  • Prevention or elimination of Cyptosproridium outbreak

Copper Ionization

The copper electrode is made of high-purity copper obtained from electrolytic copper, which is formed as a cathode in an electrolytic process, in which an anode of raw copper dissolves and precipitates as high-purity copper on the cathode. The copper concentration is approximately 0.3 mg/l with a maximum value of 0.5 mg/l.

Copper ionization, copper ions released in low concentrations, weaken the cell wall of cell wall organisms (bacteria and parasites) and the protein tentacles of viruses, making the chlorine more efficient through faster inactivation.

How does the OXY-3 system work?

Due to the symbiotic effect of the earlier mentioned disinfection techniques, we therefore have a very powerful central disinfection over the entire water flow and only a low chlorine concentration is added as a disinfection buffer in the swimming water itself.

The efficiency of the operation of the system is monitored via a Redox measurement (measurement and control technique), which determines the Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP), which provides an overview of the disinfection capacity of the swimming water, so that the lower limit of the chlorine content can be determined .

The system is connected to the internet so that preventive maintenance can be performed and the installation works optimally. The water balance, see appendix ‘water parameters’, can be guaranteed with this.

The 5 benefits of the OXY-3 plug & play system


  • Can be installed in any pool
  • Can be combined with existing installation
  • Can be installed in new constructions


  • Easy to transport on a pallet carrier
  • Safe shielding during transport, loading and unloading
  • Can pass through a standard doorway


  • High quality stainless steel
  • Reuseable
  • Recycable

Plug and play

  • No handling of the installation on site
  • Easy to connect to the water circuit
  • Only one connection point for electricity and internet


  • No chemicals
  • No gasses
  • No by-products
  • No toxic waste

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