Discover Novinato’s salt electrolysis system

The NoviNato salt electrolyser, from technicians for technicians.

Long-lasting components
Low maintenance
Accessible setup

“The NN Salt electrolyser was developed based on 20 years of experience with different systems. The unit was specially designed with attention to all the practical elements important for the technicians in charge of day-to-day operation and maintenance.”

Jan Van den Bulcke, Technical Director

Long lasting components

The NN Salt electrolyser is an industrial device built with the most durable components. This ensures high reliability and long service life.

You save on interventions with this.

Low maintenance

By using durable components, maintenance is very limited. Moreover, it can be carried out by any local technician.

You will save on expensive maintenance contracts.

Accessible setup 

The device is clearly laid out so you always have a clear visual check on all parts. Moreover, you can easily replace parts.

You save working hours with this.

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